Neurodiversity Works – Founder

Neurodiversity Works is a campaign and website to find resources around employment of neurodivergent people.

The aim is to raise awareness of and support organisations which can help neurodivergent job seekers, promote neurodivergent talent and promote organisations who have taken steps to create an accessible workplace.

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Discover Autism Research and Employment (DARE)

Advisory Board Member

The DARE project is collaboration between Autistica and Centre for Research in Autism Education (CRAE) at University College London.

They conduct research to help companies recruit and retain neurodiverse talent through evidence-based insights on best practice.

I contribute via the Advisory Board.

Department for Education Post-16 education provision, and outcomes for autistic young people research

Young Researcher

Only one in four autistic young people continue their education beyond school. Ambitious About Autism supported a team of four young autistic researchers to co-produce a piece of research into post-16 education and training for autistic young people working with the Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE).

Funded by the Department for Education through the Autism Education Trust (AET), this research considers what change there have been for autistic young people in post–16 education, since the introduction of new entitlements to education provision to age 25 under the Children and Families Act 2014. The final report was presented to the Department for Education in 2020.

Sertraline for Anxiety in Autistic Adults (STRATA) randomised controlled trial

Autistic Advisory Group

Study which is in the design and development stage.

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Autism Strategy

Advisory Group

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