Why Neurodiversity Works for Creativity

Why Neurodiversity Works for Creativity won the 2019/2020 WPP Atticus Award in the Creativity with Purpose category. An excerpt was published in The Atticus Journal on 10th November 2020, and was originally published on the Amy Walker Writes Medium blog on 14th November 2019 Amy Walker is Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator at GroupM, and founderContinue reading “Why Neurodiversity Works for Creativity”

Getting my Autism Diagnosis

Originally published in edited form on the Ambitious About Autism blog for World Autism Awareness Week 2018 My name is Amy, and I am a female on the Autistic spectrum. My parents began suspecting I was different early on. I learned everything about certain subjects, but I wasn’t that interested in playing with dolls or other children.Continue reading “Getting my Autism Diagnosis”